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Jimbo Jungle: PeePeeElly (Girl) Portable Hygienic Potty

Jimbo Jungle: PeePeeElly (Girl) Portable Hygienic Potty

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Weight: 500 grams
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Brand: Jimbo Jungle
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Where is the name came from?

-"PeePee" is just a child word of an act of urination
-"Elly" is the Mascot for this potty, he, (can be she too) is an Elephant, so in short, we call ELLY.


Why the Mascot?

-Elephant is a popular animal among kids, using it as a Mascot will help children enjoy using it and treat it like a "friend". Unlike the old boring pail like potty or an unsafe plastic bottle. It let the children feel like having a companion with them during PeePee's time.


Stick for name

-A cute PeePeeElly sticker is provided for the kids to write their name on it.


10 reasons to use PeePee Elly

-Traffic Jam - Young children may have difficulty holding their urine in the car.

-Dirty Toilet / Public Toilet - Public toilets are dirty and can be full of germs, even if it looks clean, due to improper sanitizing.

-Holding Urine is Unhealthy - It is not healthy for young children to hold their urine for long periods of time.

-Potty Training - During diaper-free periods, children can not hold their urine for long, causing them to urinate in their pants.

-Travel - Long hours of traveling can be troublesome in some cities where toilets are not easily available.

-Long Queues - Places like theme parks or tourist areas may be crowded with people queuing up for the toilet.

-Swimming Pool - A good training for young children to stop urinating in the swimming pool for hygiene purposes.

-Educating Social Etiquette - Parents should not encourage their children to urinate in public areas such as road sides or gardens when toilet are unavailable.

-Easy to Carry - No More using the traditional potty in your car, PeePeeElly can be easily carried around!

-Trendy & Safe - With cute designs, parents won't have to use plastic bottles that young children may mistake as a drink.