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Ibaby: I Baby Monitor M3 C1

Ibaby: I Baby Monitor M3 C1

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Weight: 1 kg, 400 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: Ibaby
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Rotating and pivoting camera allows you to follow your babies movement

The iBaby monitor is a is a high-resolution, swivelling and pivoting mounted camera which allows you to keep a close on your child whilst they're sleeping. It comes with a free App which allows you to control the camera on your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad) or through a PC. The App allows you to control the movement of the camera and through simple swipes you can move the camera up, down, left and right so you can follow your child as they move.


Two-way audio capabilities let you communicate with your child

The camera comes with a fitted microphone and speaker system and, combined with the App on your iDevice/computer, it allows you to communicate with your child. It allows you to talk and sing to your child and in return you can hear whatever noises they're making so you can be sure that they're OK whilst you're in a different room.


Movements and crying activates alerts to keep you aware

The camera features special alerts which are run through the downloaded App which lets you know when your baby cries or moves around. This helps to let you know when your child needs you or when they're awake. Perfect if you're sitting downstairs and wouldn't normally hear your childs crying.


Features a photo capture function which allows you to take high quality photos

Your child sleeping could be the perfect opportunity to take a picture of them for you too keep forever, with this in mind, the camera features a photo capture function where at the touch of a button, on the App, you can instantly take photos of your sleeping child.


Can be installed on 4 devices to share the control

The camera will work on 4 different devices so you and your partner can share the control of the camera through different devices. This means that if you're in separate rooms or your partner isn't home, either of you can still check on your child whilst they're in bed. You could even allow the babysitter or family members to install the App so if you're on a night out, someones always checking on your child.


1 Year Limited Warranty