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Techni Ice: HDR Non-toxic Reusable Techni Ice Sheet C1

Techni Ice: HDR Non-toxic Reusable Techni Ice Sheet C1

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SKU: TI000042
Weight: 300 grams
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Brand: Techni Ice
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What is Techni Ice
-TECHNI ICE from Australia is a superior alternative to ordinary ice and common ice packs available to keep contents in your cooler box really cold, for days not hours.
Techni Ice stays frozen 6 times longer than regular ice and can be frozen to negative –80 Degrees Celsius, as cold as dry ice gets! Each HDR Techni Ice sheet consists of 24 cells.

See the excellent cooling performance of Techni Ice in the below graph:

When to use Techni Ice
- transporting temperature sensitive foods such as EBM (Expressed Breastmilk), baby food, medicine, meat, ice cream and etc
- When traveling in hot weather, anytime access to cold drinks or foods which stored in a cooler bag/box with techni ice
- when Shopping for groceries such as poultry, seafood, items remain fresh for hours
- as a reusable cold/hot pack. It can provide flexible ice or soothing heat to treat children's minor bumps, bruises, sprains, minor burns, scrapes and cuts, insect bites, headaches and toothaches.
- Car fridges: One or two sheets of Techni Ice kept in the car-fridge can dramatically reduce battery drain by acting as the ultimate eutectic plate, maintaining lower temperatures thereby limiting thermostat activity.

Why use Techni Ice
- Non toxic refrigerant polymer
- Heavy Duty Reusable for years as it is unique 4 layer puncture resistant high performance construction
- Will not melt, does not turn back to water, thus no mess and no driping ice water
- Stay frozen for days as it stays frozen 6 times longer than regular ice
- Flexible and foldable. Can be cut in between cells to fit into any size containers
- Replacing dry ice on aircrafts as the refregerant of choice in the airline industry.
- Kitchen and medical essential for millions of households in Australia, Europe, US and Asia.

How to use Techni Ice
- First, activate your new Techni Ice

Immerse Techni Ice new sheet in water (preferably warm water). Scrunch sheet under water to release air bubbles and allow water to enter surface. This activates the polymer and swells up the sheet. Your Techni Ice will expand from flat sheet to a fully hydrated pack.

TO FREEZE- Place Techni Ice in the freezer for 4-12 hours for best results. Freezer can be set at the lowest
possible temperature during the freezing process for even greater performance.

TO CHILL - Place Techni Ice in the chiller compartment of your refrigerator. Chilled pack can be used to soothe
fever and swelling. Refreshingly cool!

TO HEAT - Place hydrated sheet in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or wrapped in a towel in hot water. Use a towel
between your body and Techni Ice for soothing relief. 
*You'll only need to activate your new Techni Ice once before initial use.This process is only required the first
time.Once activated, they are ready to be used as a cold/hot pack whenever, wherever you like!

RECOMMENDATION: Place Techni Ice sheets at top of contents in cooler bag/icebox as cold air drops. For optimum performance, use 2 regular size sheets of Techni Ice per 7 litres of icebox capacity.

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