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Combi: Training Chopsticks 10217

Combi: Training Chopsticks 10217

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SKU: CM10217
Weight: 400 grams
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Brand: Combi
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Baby Label
Baby Label series emphasizes on “Shape” and “Color”, provides the greatest support and learning tools to your baby at meal time.

Starting Reference
Let's start chopsticks training once baby starts holding a spoon with the thumb on the upper side as illustrated.

The chopstick trainer was developed after extensive research of children learning to eat with chopsticks. It is important to make sure every finger is utilized correctly in order to train c child operating a pair of chopsticks smoothly.

Step 1 Basic Usage Training
When baby can hold a spoon with his/her thumb on top. Then you may use step 1 handle to train your baby how to hold and open the chopsticks. The main purpose is to train the baby holding the chopsticks properly.

Step 2 Learning better usage skills
When baby can keep a correct distance between the chopsticks, then you may use step 2 handle for further improve coordination.

Step 3 Unassisted Usage
When baby can secure the chopsticks with the forth finger, it is very satisfied for him/her to use chopsticks like adults and no need any assisting handle.