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Clevamama: Clevascoop Infant Formula Scoop D2

Clevamama: Clevascoop Infant Formula Scoop D2

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SKU: CLE7004
Weight: 400 grams
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Brand: Clevamama
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Clevamama ClevaScoop: Infant Formula Scoop!

The  Clevamama ClevaScoop™ makes the most accurate feed for your baby. Saving you time, money and most of all patience. The patented BPA free ClevaScoop™ was developed in collaboration with the world’s leading infant formula research lab and is proven to be more accurate when tested against all other formula scoops.


Infant Formula is hygroscopic in nature, which means that it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere easily and therefore makes it a difficult ingredient to manage and work with. The biggest advantage of using the ClevaScoop™ is that the scoop does not pass over the steam from the bottle before you scoop your formula and therefore making it a clean scoop each time. Also the conventional method of counting also leaves room for human error in miscounting.

The ClevaScoop™ is more accurate because:

  1. Eliminates miscounting of scoops
  2. Reduces the frequency of compacted and partially air filled scoops
  3. Eliminates the clogging of scoops caused by steam


Reduce the risk of under or over feeding your baby with ClevaScoop™.  One easy scooping action is all it takes to prepare your baby’s bottle the right way, every time.

Using ClevaScoop™ is easy, just set the scoop to the size feed you are making and make your bottle with confidence. The dual-action spatula and funnel lets you level off the feed and pour it into the bottle. No waste, no mess, no worries.

ClevaScoop™ ensures your baby will always have a nutritionally balanced feed.

Suitable for all methods of sterilising and dishwasher.

Country of Origin: Made in Ireland